In 1973, when Arab countries cut off petroleum exports to the US, the price of oil quadrupled. People couldn’t get access to gasoline. The economy shrunk. 

The Arab oil embargo was framed almost entirely as a supply problem. But a few years later, a 28-year-old physicist named Amory Lovins published an article in Foreign Affairs magazine that completely shifted how we framed the issue. 

Nearly a half century later, we revisit Amory’s writing in the face of another global energy security crisis. Fossil fuel prices have spiked to record highs as a result of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. Countries are now racing to stop buying Russian oil & gas as quickly as possible.

This week: Amory Lovins explains the profound changes taking place in the global energy system – and how Russia’s war will accelerate them.

Guests: Amory Lovins, co-founder and chairman emeritus at RMI. Read his latest piece on how Russia’s war could accelerate the clean energy transition.

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