We’re reversing roles today by taking listener questions for our host, Shayle Kann. He’s usually the one interviewing our guests, but he also has expertise (and maybe a few hot takes) to share. He leads a $350 million fund that invests in early-stage climate startups, so he spends most of his time trying to figure out which technologies and businesses will help us decarbonize as quickly as possible.

GreenBiz senior energy analyst Sarah Golden joins the show to ask Shayle your questions and dissect the answers with him. 

They cover:

  • The causes of rising solar costs and other troubles in the solar industry 
  • The biggest bottlenecks in climate tech
  • The the startups that are trying to reduce the carbon intensity of fertilizing crops amid a global fertilizer crisis
  • The overhyped hate for crypto mining 
  • The race between synthetic fuels (aka synfuels) and biofuels
  • What happens to the pace of deployment for Direct Air Capture if power grids are slower to decarbonize than expected?

Plus: Shayle’s owl tattoo and the drinking game Shayle’s wife made up for whenever he begins listing things. 

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