In 2019, the Green New Deal became a mobilizing force. Even without federal action, organizers started pushing cities across America to craft their own versions. 

One of those cities was Ithaca, New York. Ithaca is making a bold promise: to eliminate all emissions from buildings by 2030. 

To make the program a reality, the city needs to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Ithaca’s budget is $80 million. 

In stepped Luis Aguirre-Torres, the director of sustainability for Ithaca. He found a way to tap private dollars in an unprecedented way to overhaul buildings. 

This week: where the money is coming from, and how it could make the Green New Deal a reality in cities across the country.

Guests: Ithaca Climate Czar Luis Aguirre-Torres; 38 North Solutions Chair Katherine Hamilton.

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