At the start of the year, a city councilman in Tampa, Florida crafted a resolution for 100% clean energy by 2030.

The resolution was non-binding and quite common. Nearly 200 cities around America have vowed to get 100% of their electricity from zero-carbon resources. 

But it also included language that would set off a political chain reaction in the state: an aspiration to phase out fossil fuels.

It scared the local gas and power utility, Tampa Electric, which used its lobbying power and money to launch a more aggressive counter-strike. And it spawned new Republican legislation that will restrict what cities can do about climate change.

This week: what Florida tells us about the new front in the conflict over climate policy across America. 

Guest: Grist Reporter Emily Pontecorvo, who co-authored a story about the gas industry’s influence on Florida’s new laws. 

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