We are at an inflection point for electric vehicles. The mass adoption phase is underway in many countries, including America. The US government is putting billions of dollars behind EV charging and battery production. And nearly every automaker is releasing or developing an EV model. 

But the race to electrify cars and trucks is about so much more than transportation. For an executive like Annette Clayton, CEO of Schneider Electric North America, it’s about developing an economy-wide electrification strategy – with EVs as a catalyst. And it’s why Schneider is getting deeper into the electric car market.

In this episode, produced in collaboration with Schneider Electric, Annette sits down with Stephen Lacey to talk about where the market is headed for EVs, technology trends in electrifying homes and industry, and how to tie them all together for the benefit of the grid.

For more information on Schneider’s efforts to electrify and digitize the economy, including the microgrid and resilience hubs that Annette mentioned, go to se.com.

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