In climatetech, the ‘valley of death’ describes the lack of capital for newer solutions, especially those that mainstream investors view as unproven. The climate tech world is full of technologies that would be fantastic tools for fighting the climate crisis, if only they could cross this valley of death and scale.

Scott Jacobs co-founded Generate Capital in 2014 to help address this problem. In this episode Shayle talks to Scott about how to successfully finance first-of-a-kind climatetech. They cover technologies like electric bus leasing, anaerobic digesters, microgrids and EV fleet charging infrastructure.

And they dig in on:

  • Winning over investors who don’t have the time to understand complex technologies or business models
  • The kinds of support, beyond capital, that first-of-a-kind technologies need from investors 
  • Navigating the rising cost of capital and supply chain problems
  • When exactly technologies have proven themselves in the eyes of investors

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