The landscape for peaker power plants in New York is changing. Over the next two years, dozens of aging oil- and gas-fired plants will be phased out around New York City, thanks to stronger air quality rules and the state’s climate law. 

Under the rules, some of National Grid’s peaking generation will shut down permanently, and some will steadily ramp down.

The plan to overhaul these plants is part of National Grid’s Northeast clean energy vision – which will create hubs of clean energy projects built with specific local needs in mind. The goal is to make communities the “energy capitals” of a decarbonized grid.

So what will these hubs look like? 

In this episode, Will Hazelip, president of National Grid Ventures for the US Northeast, outlines the high stakes for the utility – and the communities it serves. 

Will talks with Stephen Lacey about clean energy projects underway, the technology trends guiding investments, and the plan to maximize the local economic impact.

Learn more about National Grid’s efforts to build the clean energy capitals of tomorrow. There, you’ll find details about offshore wind, batteries, renewables, and transmission.

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