NYU Professor Marion Nestle joins hosts Mike Grunwald and Tamar Haspel for a conversation about what’s good for our bodies and the planet.

For decades, nutrition expert and NYU professor Marion Nestle has been a towering (and often controversial) figure in nutritional science. In a field littered with fad diets and bogus studies, she’s been a voice of authority on the complicated relationship between food, politics and our health. Now she’s written a book of war stories called “Slow Cooked” about the things you should and shouldn’t eat – and who you should and shouldn’t trust about food.

On November 30th, join us for a live taping of Climavores. Marion will talk with hosts Mike Grunwald and Tamar Haspel for a spirited conversation about food history, food justice, and how to eat for a healthy body and healthy planet. Stephen Lacey, co-founder and executive editor of Post Script Media, will moderate.

Register to join us online November 30th, at 1:00 p.m. ET. And bring your questions for Mike, Tamar and Marion!